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The History and Usage of Yoga Pose Names

yoga pose names The considerations of yoga pose names and its importance in the health and fitness industry are very important.  All these times, the name of yoga poses are often written and mentioned in Sanskrit as well as in English. The reason why the yoga poses are written in two different languages is to make it easier

Benefits of Doing Butterfly Yoga Pose

butterfly yoga pose Among the various types of Yoga poses, the butterfly Yoga pose seems so easy, peaceful, and simple. The pose may seem easy at a glance, but you may be surprised to find out that it has various benefits as well as. It will make your thigh and leg muscles to work a little bit harder

The Benefits of Learning Sexual Yoga Poses

sexual yoga poses Do you know that there’re several yoga poses that are known as the sexual yoga poses? It means that the poses can really help you a lot in your sexual activities as those asanas will improve your power, your flexibility, and your core muscles. Yoga is known to be the type of exercise that combines

Different Types of Yoga Pose Names

yoga pose names When participating and joining yoga classes, there’re several yoga pose names that you need to familiar with. Each name has different meaning. Each exercise in yoga training is aimed to train particular body parts and each of them has their own names. After all, yoga has been present since 5,000 years ago; meaning that those

Different Types of Yoga Poses for Depression

yoga poses for depression If you’re feeling stressed out, you can always do several different Yoga poses for depression. Yoga for depression can really help you out if you have so many things going on inside your mind. Everyone knows that Yoga is very good to improve your health and also make you feel relaxed and calm. That’s why

Different Variants and Types of Yoga Poses for Fertility

yoga poses for fertility If you’re trying to get pregnant, trying several different Yoga poses for fertility may help. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing yoga poses for beginners or poses for the advanced ones; you can always enjoy the benefits. Not only those poses are good for your overall physical health and well being, they can also provide

Cobbler’s Pose: the Origin and Benefits

cobbler's pose If you join in Yoga class, you must be quite familiar with the Cobbler’s pose. This pose may seem simple, but doing it with the right pose isn’t easy. You will feel stretches and pulled when you try the Cobbler’s pose for the first time. But once you get used to it, you’ll soon find

Effective Yoga Poses for Menstrual Cramps

yoga poses for menstrual cramps Yoga comes with so many physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. From increased flexibility and strength to a higher level of spiritual awareness, there is no shortage of advantages that comes with practicing yoga.  Women would be thrilled to know that certain yoga poses have been proven to be effective in easing the pain brought