Ghee Health Benefits for Everyone

ghee health benefits

While more Americans drop butter, a great number of people on the other side of the planet have been blessed with ghee health benefits for centuries. Indeed, for thousand years, people in India have been using ghee in their health cooking. Being such an essential, as much as nutritional, element, ghee is indispensable in Indian cuisine. Ghee also presents in Indian religious ceremonies. More importantly, the ancient healing art of Indian culture, Ayurveda, asserts the treasured value of ghee for overall health.

Ayurvedic Healing with Ghee
Ayurveda acknowledges ghee health benefits. The clarified butter is on the top list of healing benefitting foods based on Ayurveda. Regardless of its oily characteristics, ghee does not have the impurities of milk solids and saturated fat. In fact, classical Ayurveda, Susruta Samhita, recommends ghee for ultimate remedy of pitta dosha problems. Aged, 100-year ghee is recognized for treating epilepsy, alcoholism, vaginal pain, and fever. Medicated ghee or ghrita, the combination of some healing herbs and the clarified butter, is even specifically used for remedies. In addition to being consumed, ghee is beneficial for topical use. Sensitive skin, especially the pitta type, could get the calming benefit of ghee massage. Stirred together with honey, ghee is very effective to cure blisters, inflammation, and wounds. In truth, based on Bhavaprakasha, an ancient text of Ayurveda, ghee cools the energy, rejuvenates, improves vision and keeps eyes healthy, kindles digestion, bestows beauty and luster, enhances stamina and memory, increases intellect, and promotes longevity as it protects body from a number of diseases. It is good, too, that the text mentions the aphrodisiac characteristics of ghee.

Health Benefits of Ghee
If Ayurveda sounds too old to listen, modern medication acknowledges the health benefits of ghee as well. Here are some ghee health benefits.

  • Being free of lactose and salt, ghee is tolerable while some people cannot stand with cheese or milk.
  • Ghee contains butyric acid, the property of anti-viral and anti-cancer.
  • The conjugated linoleic acid in ghee helps to succeed weight loss, particularly the belly fat, while slowing down the progress of heart disease and some cancers.
  • Ghee provides easily digestible saturated fat, does not contain Trans or hydrogenated fats, the healthy, necessary fat for the body.
  • Ghee contains low essential fatty acids of omega 3, which is very important for the brain and healthy diet.
  • Being alkaline, ghee is very friendly for the body in helping to offset too much acidity, especially in most of American diets. Acidic foods, such as coffee, alcohol, sugar, fast foods, and other processed foods, lead to inflammation and promote diseases, such as cancer and arthritis.
  • Ghee contains high concentrations of antioxidants, increasing the absorption of minerals and vitamins, as well as strengthening immune system.

Clarified Butter Ghee
Enough about ghee health benefits, but what is it actually. Ghee tastes sweet because it originates from milk. Milk solids are removed, leaving pure liquid in clear amber. Containing 14-gram fat in each tablespoon, ghee is so much like clarified butter. Clarifying butter process is somewhat difficult, involving melting and simmering the butter in a large saucepan or pot. The rendering process continues for some time until three layers of forms are visible. The layers are skim, which is watery and foamy, solid butter, and milk solids. After the milk solids are removed, the liquid, golden butterfat is left. Cooking with clarified butter always results in more intense flavor. No wonder, Indian cuisines are tastes heavenly.

Consuming Ghee
Although cooking with ghee is the tradition of Indian, adding ghee in everyone’s diet is a good idea. Just remember, when the current cholesterol level is very high, avoid ghee. Why not transporting ghee health benefits around the world as ghee today is available in the rack of the next-door store.

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