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Doing All the Bikram Yoga Asanas Correctly

bikram yoga asanas You need to really pay attention to the correct Bikram yoga asanas if you want to get the best benefits from the practice. In the Bikram yoga classes, you will be required to do 26 different Bikram yoga poses that seem easy but they will definitely challenge your ability and skills. All the 26 different

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Poses Benefits

vinyasa flow yoga poses If you want to engage in smooth and flexible way of exercising, the Vinyasa flow yoga poses can help you achieve your goal. Yoga basically comes in different types and styles. Some of them come in very rigid and controlled movements; while the others come in flowing and smooth movements. When you are doing the

The Relation of Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

bikram yoga and weight loss What are the relations of Bikram yoga and weight loss? Also known as the hot yoga, this practice is also considered as the yoga weight loss that can help you lose weight. There are several factors that encourage the theory that Bikram yoga can be used to help losing weight. First of all, the yoga

What is Kriya Yoga: Understanding More about the Principle

what is kriya yoga If you understand what is Kriya yoga and how it work, you can achieve great physical well being as well as solid peace of mind. Yoga comes in various forms and styles. Some yoga practices focus more on the energy collection; while the others focus more on the physical aspects. Some practices focus on the

Knowing the Different Styles of Yoga

different styles of yoga When people are learning yoga, they don’t know that there are different styles of yoga with their own different techniques and methods. Most people think that yoga is a type of physical exercises that would make the muscles work harder in the seemingly simple way. Yoga is actually a philosophy; a way of learning that

What is Iyengar Yoga: Understanding the Type of Yoga

what is iyengar yoga What is Iyengar yoga? You probably have never heard about the yoga Iyengar but this type of yoga practice is often done, especially for those who seek for perfection when performing the yoga poses. This type of yoga practice may not b easy, but it doesn’t mean that people can’t master it or perform it.

How Hot is Bikram Yoga?

how hot is bikram yoga Bikram yoga needs heated room to practice, but how hot is bikram yoga? Technically, bikram yoga studios are supposed to be heated up to 105°F or 40.6 °C. It is also suggested to maintain the humidity around 40%. In spite of the heated room requirement, bikram yoga receives great popularity than other hot yoga techniques.

The Relation between Bikram Yoga and Pregnancy

bikram yoga and pregnancy What is the relation of Bikram Yoga and pregnancy? Lots of people think that Bikram Yoga isn’t good for pregnant women because they will be exposed to miscarriage and pregnancy risks if they are still doing this Yoga exercise. Lots of people think that even doing simple Yoga exercise will be quite dangerous for these