Bikram Yoga Controversy: The Rumors and Facts

bikram yoga controversy

If you’re joining hot yoga classes and programs, you may have heard about the Bikram Yoga controversy. The Bikram Yoga is certainly included in the hot yoga program, but not all hot yoga is referring to Bikram Yoga. The controversy is mainly talking about the heated room and the ways Bikram Choudhury try to franchising the programs. Lots of people think that this franchising idea is ridiculous. However, Choudhury doesn’t carry and still continue to do the methods and try to expand everything all over the world.

Bikram Yoga and the Franchise Idea
Bikram Choudhury, the founder of this program, set up a plan to franchise the program because he wants all Bikram Yoga classes to follow the same principle and also the same sets of rules. This franchise idea has lead to the Bikram Yoga controversy that causes criticism all over the world. Lots of Yoga enthusiasts – as well as other physical activity enthusiasts – are wondering why he needs to franchise the method, anyway? It seems that he’s trying to generate lots of money from this kind of idea since he also trademarks the program. But Choudhury doesn’t seem to budge with all the criticism and he simply says that he wants the methods to successfully run well. He wants all the programs follow the strict rules in order to work well. By doing so, he can be sure that the programs can still run well, although it’s being run and operated by different instructors in different parts of the world.

The Heated Room Controversy
The idea of having hot yoga training isn’t something new, but with the Bikram Yoga really focuses on the heated room and also the time length of the exercise. The exercise will be done within 90 minutes where the room temperature will reach around 37 degrees Celsius. It becomes Bikram Yoga controversy because lots of medical and health experts are doubtful about its efficiency. They’re afraid that the heated room will make the participants suffocated and pass out. But Choudhury says that the heated room is necessary because it’s one of the key factors to make the overall program successful. He can’t take out and eliminate the heated room. That’s why the participants should be the ones who are familiar enough with Yoga. If you’re new to Yoga, then this program isn’t recommended for you.

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga
When you participate in bikram yoga training, you will certainly shed a lot of sweats because of the heated room. The benefits of the heated room are:

  • It improves sweat production as you will remove toxins from your pores. The heat will also improve your heart functionality, as it will make it work harder in order to strengthen it.
  • The heat will also improve your body parts functionality and well being.
  • The heat will improve your joints performances as you stretch and try as best as you can to make yourself relax.
  • The heat can actually make you focus and improve your mind awareness, concentration, and relaxation.

Despite the Bikram Yoga controversy, you’ll find out that the exercise is truly refreshing and rejuvenating.

Avoid the Negative Aspects
If you want to have safe methods and procedures while doing your Bikram Yoga, you shouldn’t join the class with empty stomach. Although it’s not advisable to consume large meal before the class, you should eat something. Be sure to consume lots of water too, as you will lose pretty much water during the process. The Bikram Yoga controversy may exist, but you must admit that the program is truly nice and refreshing.

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