Ashrams in California

ashrams in california

Are you familiar with Ashrams? These spiritual hermitages presumably originating from Hindu backgrounds have been used as homes, sanctuaries, and havens of those who seek spiritual enlightenment, much like the Buddhists who live in the mountains of China who try to find spiritual illumination in the seclusion of the mountaintops. Ashrams have become common sights in metropolitan cities nowadays, none more so than in California.

Ashrams in California have been used by lost souls to find themselves and truly see the meaning of life, and ultimately, the universe. These ashrams in California, though, have been commercialized to the extreme, to fit and suit the needs of the demographic, which are the Californians, almost turning them into borderline hotels and resorts. This occurrence is not all negative, as the main purpose of an Ashram is to offer inner peace, serenity, and eventually and finally the enlightenment and epiphany which the people who enter there have originally sought. The ashrams have specific places and spots within their territories and premises, according to the needs of the people who enter it.

Such ashrams in California have designated Yoga areas, complete with all the necessary objects and other paraphernalia associated with Yoga. There are also meditation areas, which cover most of the ashram, since this is the main purpose of entering an ashram. These meditation areas may either be indoor or outdoor. Some prefer the silence of an indoor meditation space, while other people find it more relaxing, soothing, and quiet outside in a garden, surrounded by trees, plants, ponds, other bodies of water, and other such nature related formations. Some ashrams also offer studios, or dojos, which can be used for activities which correspond with the person’s idea of a physical journey to enlightenment and illumination. All these amenities and much more are offered by these ashrams, particularly in California.

Many ashrams in California offer some of the best quality and most excellent services, not just practically, but also spiritually. The Ashram, located in the magnificent Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, California, seems to be close to civilization you might say, and will not provide you with the quietness and inner peace you so desperately crave for. Yet you will be surprised when you enter this marvelous hermitage, for it makes you seemingly transported to another world, and a billion miles away from all the hustle, bustle, and craziness of Los Angeles, California. Your weeklong stay and retreat here in the Ashram will certainly be one of the weeks you will definitely remember in your whole life, for the Ashram will not only give you the best services possible, but in here, you will also no-doubted find the what your body, mind, soul and spirit have been so longingly seeking for.

Another one of these wonderful ashrams in California is the Sonoma Ashram, located in Sonoma, California. This ashram is one of the biggest, not just literally in terms of size and land area but also in terms of growth, and most successful ashrams in the greater California area, for it yielded many, not just positive, but great results from the people who have entered and spent their time here. Sonoma Ashram claims to be a center of self-growth and retreat for people and individuals who have been going through the transformations, evolutions, and changing stages of life. Individuals who have entered and used the Sonoma Ashram as their preference of retreat have gone out and can attest to the amazing and awe-inspiring enlightening experience they have had in this ashram.

There are almost too many more ashrams in California to mention, but these two ashrams have been proven and testified about on being some of the best ashrams in the greater area of California.

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