Are You Allowed to Do Yoga during Menstruation?

yoga during menstruation

Have you ever wondered whether it’s allowed to do yoga during menstruation? Some people may think that yoga while menstruating is quite dangerous and needn’t to be done. However, some medical and also health experts also believe that when done properly and correctly, the yoga session is quite safe and won’t be harmful at all. If you’re an avid yoga practitioner, you may not want to miss any of your session – including during menstruation. But is it safe?

Can You Do It or Not?
The question whether you need to do yoga during period is depending on your condition. If you insist on doing yoga during menstruation, you need to really aware about your physical fitness and overall health. If you’re totally fit and you don’t experience any excessive bleeding or over tiredness, you may engage in the yoga session. But if you experience any abnormal and excessive bleeding and you feel tired, it’s better to skip the exercise. There’s wrong concept about the usage of yoga to alleviate menstrual cramp. It’s true that yoga can also help reducing menstrual pain and cramp, but you shouldn’t do it when you have your period. If you do it during your period, you may not get any benefits but further issue.

The Precautions when Doing the Exercise
If you still insist on doing the yoga during menstruation, there’re several things that you need to consider.

  • Never do the session if you’re too tired, you don’t feel comfortable at all, or you experience excessive bleeding
  • Don’t do any poses that will put heavy pressure on the abdominal part. You can even develop cyst or fibroid because the flow of the blood can’t run naturally and well.
  • Don’t do any head stand. It’s not good for the overall blood flow; thus can really disturb your menstrual period.
  • If you force yourself while doing any back bends, you can injure yourself.
  • Don’t push yourself into the limit. After all, menstrual period should be the period when you relax and rest. You should do light training and exercises.
  • You can do certain yoga for menstruation poses that can help relieving the pain as well as making your feel relaxed and comfortable. If you do it in relaxed manner, you can also reduce any stress or anxiety that accompanies the period.

Avoid Doing These When Performing the Poses
Any yoga inversion should be avoided as it will cause further issue and problem to your body. If you do inversions while performing yoga during menstruation, you will cause your own uterus to be pulled and stretched by the gravity. The ligaments will be stretched out and cause collapsing on the think vein walls. As the result, you may bleed more and you may experience excessive bleeding. When you’re menstruating, your energy flow is supposed to flow downward in order to be away from the body. But when you’re doing inversion, you’re obstructing the natural flow of the blood. You’re not advised to do any free stand or backbend poses. Those poses required tons of energy and you’re not fully energized when you’re menstruating.

The Advised Poses
There’re several recommended yoga poses during menstruation that you can do if you want to train healthily and safely. You can try:

  • The Janu Sirsasana that makes you bend forward and touch your knee
  • The Paschimottanasana where you need to bend forward fully
  • The Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon pose with the help of wall support
  • The Seated Chair
  • The Child Pose

All these yoga during menstruation poses will help reliving the backache or cramps, reducing stress and anxiety, and also improving good mood.

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