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Benefits of Doing Butterfly Yoga Pose

butterfly yoga pose Among the various types of Yoga poses, the butterfly Yoga pose seems so easy, peaceful, and simple. The pose may seem easy at a glance, but you may be surprised to find out that it has various benefits as well as. It will make your thigh and leg muscles to work a little bit harder

Understanding and Learning Headstand Benefits

headstand benefits Despite the seemingly difficult pose and position, there are actually lots of headstand benefits that you can get. In Yoga class, this movement is called as Sirsasana which means that you need to support yourself, be able to lift your own body weight, and then use your head as the support point. Of course, such

Facts about Prenatal Yoga Moves

prenatal yoga moves If you are pregnant but you still want to be involved in Yoga activities, you need to know the correct and proper prenatal Yoga moves that are safe and able to improve your health at the same time.  Prenatal exercise is still believed to bring good results and also health improvements when done correctly. However,

Various Types of Yoga Meditation

types of yoga meditation Do you even know that there are different types of Yoga meditation? Does it surprise you? Lots of people are surprised to find out that meditation can be available in different form and techniques. Each variant and type has its own purpose and aim, so you need to find out the one that suits your

The Answer to Question Does Yoga Burn Fat

does yoga burn fat You may be wondering does yoga burn fat if you want to join in the activity. The question does yoga work isn’t a new thing since lots of people are also questioning about it.  Yoga is using seemingly simple and easy movements that are certainly different from any cardio exercises and work out. Their movements

Learning How to Tone Your Inner Thighs

how to tone your inner thighs If you have wide yet flabby thighs, you may be wondering about the correct exercises of how to tone your inner thighs. There are several inner thigh exercises that you can do at home. If you think that you need to go to fitness center or the gym, it is not always true because you

The Popular Bikram Yoga Celebrities

bikram yoga celebrities Have you ever heard about Bikram Yoga celebrities? They are celebrities that do Yoga as their daily activities. Most of them are the A list Hollywood celebrities that have gained popularity all over the world. The Bikram Yoga is known for its great health benefits, but having the celebrities as the faithful followers is certainly

Getting Know Types of Yoga Classes

types of yoga classes You may now know it but there are different types of Yoga classes. Each type of Yoga class is different from the others. Some classes may require you to have strenuous exercises, while the others will require you to do all the movements in very slow and carefully managed manner. You need to choose which